Headaches During Pregnancy

Q. �I’ve been getting more headaches than usual since becoming pregnant � Should I be worried?�

 A. No, this can be not an uncommon symptom in pregnant women, particularly in the first few weeks of pregnancy. There are many causes for headaches at this stage however they are harmless to your baby although they’re uncomfortable for you. The huge influx of hormones in pregnancy has been blamed for this. Other factors as well as, lack of sleep, anxiety and nausea may additionally contribute. They sometimes disappear by 16 or seventeen weeks into pregnancy. You will help yourself by eating healthily, get regular rest, sleep enough hours and do some relaxation categories that are offered at the Portland Hospital. Straightforward medication such as Paracetamol will be very useful to alleviate headaches and they are safe in pregnancy. Avoid using Aspirin and similar medications plus medicine containing codeineas they have an inclination to worsen constipation which is common in pregnancy.

Headaches will also develop anon in pregnancy, again mainly as a result of of simple factors like fatigue. However, sometimes a headache will be a sign of different medical issues including anaemia. More seriously, it will be a manifestation of pre- eclampsia or toxaemia of pregnancy. If it persists you should consult your doctor who could want to try to to an examination and run a few tests.

Anaemia is common in pregnancy as a result of of all the changes that take place in your body. The expanding blood volume and the event of the placenta and the baby use a heap of the iron stores. This is significantly worse in people who begin pregnancy already anaemic as a result of of an inadequate diet or serious periods. If you are vegetarian you’re at a better risk of developing anaemia. Dietary recommendation is on the market through our nutritionist.