MBA Programs

MBA Programs

Part-time MBA program
The part-time MBA is a two-year program designed for professionals who work. Classes are held in the afternoons and weekends (Japan standard hours) and can be taken on campus, online or in a combination of both. [9]

Full-time MBA program
The full-time program is a one-year accelerated program in Tokyo with classes taught during regular business hours (with the option to take part-time courses and / or online as well). This program includes a three-month professional internship. [10]

Online MBA program
The online MBA is a two-year program consisting of fully interactive and live online classes. Classes are held in the afternoons and weekends (Japan standard time). [eleven]


The Pre-MBA is a selection of fundamental courses for credits that can be taken without committing to one of the previous MBA programs. The credits obtained and the tuition paid for the Pre-MBA courses will be transferred upon registration. [12]


There are several rounds of admissions for the MBA program. Potential students can apply for the November, February, May and July rounds for part-time and online MBAs; in the rounds of November, February and March for the full-time MBA.

Location: Tokyo campus or online
Credits: 48 (full-time MBA), 36 (part-time MBA and online)
Start of the program: September (full-time MBA), October (part-time MBA and online)
Duration of the program: 1 year (full-time MBA), 2-5 years (part-time MBA and online).